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Lessons from Content Marketing World: 9.25 Tips for Telling Your Story

November 9, 2011

A handful of us from The Karcher Group had the opportunity to attend the first-ever Content Marketing World  (CM World) conference a few weeks ago in the CLE. No surprise the conference rocked, because CLEVELAND ROCKS!

The conference was two-plus days of geeking out with marketers from around the world right here in our backyard, topped off with the most unforgettable, irreverent, 90-minute closing keynote by Kevin Smith (a.k.a. Silent Bob). He’s a director, writer, actor AND shrewd marketer… who knew?

But we digress. About those Content Marketing tips. A major theme at CM World was Telling Your Story – in other words, how to use great content on your website and blog, in press releases and advertising, through social media channels, and more. It’s how you connect, engage, inspire, and, ultimately, sell your products and services. Your story is unique; no one else can own it. It’s how you can make your marketing efforts sing. (more)

By Collyn Floyd, Marketing Specialist
The Karcher Group

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Mind Your Posts & Tweets: Social Etiquette Charm School
February 28, 2011

Chew with your mouth closed, say please and thank you, call your mama...basic etiquette is a no-brainer. But when it comes to social media, do you know how to manage relationships without looking like a n00b?

TKG put together a little advice column to help you get social without being that guy. In fact, we have already helped a few, shall we say “socially-stunted” YPs get a handle on social media…

My girlfriend says it’s over if I keep checking Facebook while we’re together. I’m completely addicted to my iPhone. Help!

If a smartphone is coming between you and your significant other, your relationship may be a snoozefest in reality.  (more)

By Collyn Floyd, Marketing Specialist
The Karcher Group

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